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Benefit Pro was one of my favorite websites to work on at MAD Group. The owner at Benefit Pro has a wicked eye for micro details, alignment and spacing and he had no problem letting me know. I enjoyed discussing and educating him on usability while he kept me in check and reminded me of our pixel perfect agreement. One of the ways I was able to add some character to the brand was to create a page called the “Benefit Pro-fessor”, which in a similar vein to Geico, was a personal companion that offered a library of resources for your insurance needs. Even though we created the brand and launched the website in 2016 the design elements and UI are so perfectly crafted that the website manages to look like it was just recently done, even by today’s standards.

This website was passed over to me after another developer on the team had to move on to a different project. The theme he installed was called Mystile, and while it did help with some of the heavy lifting, quite a bit of additional functionality and styling needed to be added to keep up with the owners standards. If I had the opportunity to create this site again I would definitely start from scratch using a custom theme with minimal plug-ins as this site was unfortunately hacked a few years later due to outdated plug-ins. Once the owner reached out and I cleaned the malware up off the site and set-up additional security precautions and firewalls, however the site now runs a bit slowly due to the plug-in and theme bloat.

About Benefit Pro:
For over 15 years, Benefit Pro has been helping companies throughout San Diego access, understand, and implement employee benefits and HR support. Their approach is unique and tailored, aligning their solutions with their clients growth strategies. While their services are proudly focused on San Diego, they are recognized and respected on numerous levels nationwide. Benefit Pro’s exceptional performance record is the result of an extraordinary team dedicated to helping companies be their best without blowing their budget.