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JVA Art Group was another project that we got to have some fun with when creating their new brand. It was very important for us to try and create a brand and website with a modern yet sophisticated style, while not overshadowing their beautiful art work. When it came time to develop the website – Less, a CSS preprocessor that we integrated into our custom wordpress theme template saved us quite a bit of time. While it typically does, the largest benefit with this brand was the amount of time we were able to take a normal “black text on white background” site and change it to be.. the very opposite. As I progressed styling each section, page by page, I began to develop more of the style we were working so hard to achieve. I broke out of a typical grid based website by overlapping text onto images, adjusting the typography by pairing different font weights with drastic sizes and adding minimal elements of color for additional flair. I had a lot of fun working on this site and it was great to collaborate with other artists in a different field.

About JVA Art Group:
At JVA Art Group, we are devoted to your vision. We understand the challenges and complexities of the custom art world, and how difficult it can be to communicate a vision definitively. Therefore, we commit to close collaboration, strategic processes, and extensive sample collections, to ensure that not only will your art be cherished, but the journey will as well. It is our mission to be an extension of you, to create intellectual art, that connects, delights, inspires, and communicates; and to be your first choice for strategic art design.