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Lars Remodeling came to us early in 2018 asking us to help boost their online presence and ultimately tap into the digital market in an effort to convert more online users into sales. They had created a very prestigious name for themselves, especially through word of mouth and TV / radio marketing efforts. We lead the project by creating a new website design for them with an emphasis on displaying their beautiful remodeling work in an open format, that almost resembled a journal-esque format. We wanted to convey how personal each project was, display the client involved process and the quality craftsmanship work they are known for. They told us they had the most success converting prospects into clients after inviting them to their remodeling workshop they held twice every month. With this in mind, we crafted the website with an abundance of call-to-actions and routes that would lead the user to sign up for the workshop.

I really enjoyed working with Lars as they constantly would allow us to make edits and revisions to their site to test and see what would work best. With so many workshop updates I ended up creating functionality that would update various parts of the site automatically based on the schedule of their workshops. We also ran various ad campaigns and I learned a lot about the tracking side of digital marketing and google adword campaigns. We ended up almost doubling their workshop submissions on average while lowering their ppc ad spend.

About Lars Remodeling & Design:
Lars is an award-winning home remodeling company that specializes in home renovation projects of all sizes. From a single room update, to a whole house remodel, Lars Remodel & Design can help with all of your San Diego remodeling needs. Lars was started in 1991 and now twenty-eight years later is one of the largest San Diego remodeling companies, still dedicated to maintaining the same values. Lars Remodeling & Design is proud to have received national recognition as one of the best remodeling companies in the US and looks forward to even more years of providing the San Diego community with exceptional home renovation services.