Intercontinental Coffee Traders

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When ICT reached out to us they were in desperate need of a brand refresh. As a leading importer in the wholesale coffee bean business they clearly knew what they were doing, but needed help conveying that to the public. We created a very vibrant brand for them as we wanted them to stand out like the power players they were. When it came time to develop the site they insisted they wanted a way to display their inventory online. While we typically would shy away from inventory related systems in the past, they already had begun the process of working with a 3rd party company to pull the information into a csv file. From there I started mapping the data to push into wooCommerce product fields and started creating a way to filter and search through the coffee offerings on the front end. Once the offerings were selected they would auto populate a form that sends to ICT, just leaving the user to fill in their contact information. I enjoyed working on this project quite a bit as there was a lot of creative freedom and I always love to overcome technical challenges. ICT is still on retainer with us to this day and have seen massive increases on ROI in their marketing efforts with us.

About Intercontinental Coffee Traders:
ICT is the preeminent specialty importer of the best wholesale green coffee beans on the market. They travel to remote regions of the globe to assess and acquire the highest quality beans, so you can be assured your unique roasting creates exceptional aromas, flavors, and qualities your patrons will look forward to, time and time again. They put passion into every bag and as specialty coffee importers that means that they study and connect with producers to sample their coffees every new crop season and oversee their process at seed-level. They build lasting relationships that are entrenched in an implicit understanding of ICT’s high product expectations.