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I created the gnoB Socket brand and website for my friends, father’s new venture. He saw a great opportunity in the market with the recent legalization of marijuana in some states and wanted to explore a different field. I proposed a vibrant brand composed of naming, logo design, e-commerce website, PPC campaign, product photography, social media campaign and business cards based on his budget and need to break into the market.

When I started this project I originally created a simple landing page utilizing Shopify’s Buy Button API to sell products. Unfortunately after about 8 months of successful business they were banned for selling “drug paraphernalia” since they are not located in California or a state where marijuana is legal. This prompted me to set up a custom shopping cart interface using wooCommerce and Authorize.Net, as well as finding a high-risk merchant who would allow them to operate. Setting up the new shopping cart system was a breeze and has proven to work even better than the original Shopify system did. I really enjoyed the creative freedom on this project and I’m very happy watching the fan base and sales steadily grow.

About gnoB Socket:
gnoB Socket is the perfect companion for today’s busy lifestyle. No pipes, rolling papers, water buckets, hoses, tubes, apples (yeah, we know…) or other weird contraptions needed. It’s the lifehack for your lifehacks. The On-The-Go Gravity Cap is an innovative and affordable waterfall/gravity bong accessory. It features a dual-bowl design that fits onto standard plastic bottles and aluminum soda cans. gnoB Socket’s discrete profile allows you the freedom to relax, kick back, and indulge after a long day. Or before one.