Live Source

When Scott, the founder of Live Source, approached me had had a unique idea he wanted to market, and he was more than just passionate about it. From the get go he architected the whole app, and simply asked me to make his ideas come to life. I immediately got to work illustrating various logo concepts for him to choose from. After he chose a logo the real fun began. While I typically get to create and design UX for websites, this was my first attempt at creating the user experience design for a mobile app. I began by creating wireframes; mapping the flow and journey through the live auction process, and before I knew it the Live Source brand was coming together before my eyes. To this day Scott continues to keep the Live Source brand alive as he travels around the world creating opportunities for memorabilia collectors and sports enthusiast alike to connect with one another.

About Live Source
Instant Auctions for Live Events – Surprise and electrify fans with unanticipated opportunities to own unique collectibles and experiences. Motivate more fans to attend your event, increase revenue, and create memorable experiences for your audience. Our unique platform makes it possible for memorabilia sellers and buyers to connect during the live event with in-event bidding for items and experiences. Fans can take home unique keepsakes so they can relive the excitement as they pass by these items hanging on their walls.